Clinical Reflexology

The reflexology service to help you in bringing out your inner well-being!

Foot and Hand Reflexology

Reflexology is a non-invasive complimentary therapy based on the principle that there are reflex areas on the Feet, Hands and Face that correspond to all organs, glands and different parts of the body. Working on the Feet or Hands being stimulated by finger and thumb pressure can lead to the body’s homeostasis, or balance, bringing out your inner well-being.

How does reflexology work

A Theory is stimulating reflex areas from the extremities of the feet, hands, ears and the face sends calming messages from the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system, this in turn adjusting any tension or pressure held within the organs, glands and parts of the body, giving optimum functioning to the relevant systems of the body. It can positively affect the neuropeptide, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory and immune system within the body by the enhancement of relaxation from the extremity stimulation by the Reflexologists finger thumb pressure.

How can reflexology help

Reflexology has been known to promote deep relaxation and is known to have many health benefits, reflexology can support you with revitalising your energy levels, relieve your stress and tension which can be held within the body from external pressures, internal emotions or injury, improve your sleep patterns, balancing your hormones, uplifting your moods, reducing anxiety, eliminate toxins, boosts circulation and rebalancing the bodies systems as not one works alone. It also works alongside conventional medicine making this a safe therapy.

Your Treatment

I offer a range of techniques and treatments to suit your well-being needs, going through a thorough consultation to establish your physical and emotional well-being support to provide you with a suitable treatment.

Not everyone is the same. Reflexology is unique to you, as you are unique!

After a consultation is done, I will proceed with explanations of a treatment plan for you so you will get the optimum results from your treatment.
Treatments are done within a relaxed and calming environment within my treatment room.

Continued Professional Development

As it’s a passion of mine to continually develop my skills and knowledge within reflexology and a standard set by my associations, I have attended many CPD days and offer these treatments below:

Reflexology treatments offered

It is a passion to continue with my development and skills as a reflexologist to provide you with a range of techniques to present a professional treatment for you. I have trained in the treatments below:

– Reflexology for the feet
– Reflexology for the hands
– Facial Reflexology
– Reflexology lymphatic drainage
– Reflexology Enhancing – Fertility and Maternity
– Reflexology Foot tapping
– Reflexology for pain management
– Reflexology for cancer and palliative care
– Reflexotherapy


Please be aware Some conditions may not allow a treatment such as:
Thrombosis, cellulitis or recent flare up, imminent medical tests or procedures, skin or scalp infections, recent head and neck injury, recent surgery, server bruising within the treatment area, epilepsy or under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

If this isn’t the treatment for you, I will seek advice and suggest a relevant referral for your well-being. You are welcome to contact me ahead of making a booking here.