Indian Head Massage

The reflexology service to help you in bringing out your inner well-being!

Indian Head Massage also known as Champissage is a complementary therapy based on the Ayurvedic practices. Practised for thousands of years in India to bring balance to mind, body and spirit this therapy has become very popular in western countries.  This wonderful therapy will not only improve your physical well-being, it will also improve your emotional and mental well-being too.

How can Indian head massage help

IHM improves circulation and lymphatic systems that will restore flexibility and movements and decreased muscular hypertonicity. Stimulating the scalp will Improve circulation around the hair follicles bringing nutrients to leave your hair in healthier condition and growth.

The reflexology service to help you in bringing out your inner well-being!

Your Treatment

IHM Treatment can be used with or without oils, usually coconut oil or sesame oil is used, you can either take off your upper clothing using a soft towel for your dignity or loose clothing can be worn making this an adaptable therapy of your choice. Using massage techniques on the upper arms, shoulders, upper back, neck, scalp and parts of the face to alleviate any tension built up in these areas, to improve on your emotional well-being bringing feelings of calmness.


Please be aware: Some conditions may not allow a treatment such as Thrombosis, cellulitis or recent flare up, imminent medical tests or procedures, skin or scalp infections, recent head and neck injury, recent surgery, server bruising within the treatment area, epilepsy or under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.   If this isn’t the treatment for you, I will seek advice and suggest a relevant referral for your well-being.