Hot and cold stone reflexology

Hot and cold stone reflexology, to restore, re-balance and rejuvenate.

A similar treatment to foot reflexology with the use of Basalt stones and Marble stones.  Combined application with the use of the stones with reflexology techniques will create a deeply relaxing and calming experience.  Hot stones have been shown to lower cortisol levels and help to support the parasympathetic nervous system to help the body reverse the fight and flight. 


Using the warmth and cooling of stones on to the feet that are associated with organs and systems of the body, penetrates deeper into the tissues resulting in 5 times longer lasting effects.

It’s documented that ancient civilizations believed the use of the stones cleanses the body, relaxes the heart, grounds the soul, and soothes the mind. 

Recommended for

Deep Relaxation | Alleviate Stress | Reduce Tension | Aid in pain relief | Promote better sleep | Improve circulation | Increase lymphatic flow | Grounding | Detox

Your Treatment

I offer a range of techniques and treatments to suit your well-being needs, going through a thorough consultation to establish your physical and emotional well-being support to provide you with a suitable treatment.


Not everyone is the same. Reflexology is unique to you, as you are unique!


After a consultation is done, I will proceed with explanations of a treatment for you, so you will get the optimum results from your treatment.

I advise you wear loose clothing as your lower leg and feet need to be accessible for the Hot and cold stone reflexology session.


Treatments are done within a relaxed and calming environment within my treatment room.


Please be aware:

Some conditions may not allow a treatment such as:
Thrombosis, cellulitis or recent flare up, recent chemotherapy, radiation, recent surgery, rheumatoid arthritis, taking medication that thins the blood, varicose veins.