Bringing out your inner well-being!



The reflexology service to help you in bringing out your inner well- being!

Your Treatment

Treatments are by appointment only.

I believe your environment is just as important as your treatments to give you the ultimate in relaxation.


I have designed my treatment room to suit your every need in bringing out your well-being stimulating four of your sensors to aid you in relaxing and unwinding from your everyday stresses when having the soothing therapy of reflexology.

For those that are unable to come to my treatment room, I do offer a Mobile service.


I will do your treatments in the comfort of your own home where ever you feel comfortable and that is suitable bringing my mobile equipment with me.

The Chair

At my treatment room I have the Zero gravity chair for your reflexology treatments which has been designed by innovative research that makes it possible for you to feel how the zero gravity perfect chair relieves stresses.


As the chair reclines you should feel the muscles instantaneously start to relax and feel the weight of the world being lifted. The chair gives the neutral body posture chaise position and endorsed by physicians as the healthiest way to sit.


On your first treatment I will conduct a consultation which usually takes around 10- 15 minutes, this helping me to establish what your main reason is for the reflexology treatment and if any why this isn't appropriate for you.


If this isn't the treatment for you I will seek advice and suggest a relevant referral for your well-being.


When the consultation is finished I will tailor your treatment stimulating four of your sensors to suit your well-being needs, All you need to do is take off your shoes, socks and sit back and relax and the treatment will begin.


Throughout the treatment I use relaxation techniques and adjusted pressure finger and thumb techniques on the reflexes that will suit your needs.



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"Amazing! Kerryann is a truly talented reflexologist who has helped me feel positive through stressful times in my life. Every treatment has left me feeling like I am walking on air"

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